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We care about creating beautiful and aromatic products. Thoughtfully created to ensure each product we make is researched, tested, and well made.

Enchanted Forest

This candle is like taking a walk through an enchanted forest full of spruce trees and roses. A mixture of roses, spruce and hints of sandalwood.

Available in glass and tin candles.

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DIY Candle Kit

Learn to make candles in the comfort of your own home! Our kit gives you everything to make 2 candles.

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Limited Edition Unity Candle

A celebration of Art & Love!

These limited edition candles are painted by hand by CreateIIV, making each one a one of a kind piece of art!

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Apricot & coconut wax

Our candles are made from a custom blend of apricot and coconut wax.

Fragrance oil

Perfume grade fragrance oils is used in our candles.


Only cotton based wicks are used in our candles

Made in Canada

Everything is handmade in our studio in Vancouver, BC.