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Welcome to You + me candles

Our candles are made from a custom blend of apricot and coconut wax using high grade fragrance oils and cotton wicks. Each one poured by hand, you can be rest assured that you are getting an earth-friendly high-quality candle.

We don’t cut corners.

Our candles are all beautifully handcrafted crafted to ensure a well-made quality candle with every pour.

Vanilla Bourbon Candle


You + Me's signature scent. A rich vanilla fragrance with subtle notes of cream, sugar, and musk combined with a crisp citrus bergamot scent.

10oz - Burn time over 40 hours

All of our candles are made in a single batch and hand poured using cotton wicks. The fragrances we use are phthalate free.

Midnight Collection

Our midnight collection is available in beautiful black glass jars and gold tins that are prefect for travelling!

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Apricot & coconut wax

Our candles are all made from a custom blend of apricot and coconut wax.

Fragrance oil

Perfume grade fragrance oils is used in our candles.


Only cotton based wicks are used in our candles

Made in Canada

Everything is handmade in our studio in Vancouver, BC.

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